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The Top Ways To Use Wood Chips

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  • 23-08-2023
The Top Ways To Use Wood Chips

Find out more about the top ways to use wood chips. If you are considering a project using woodchips, we offer trusted woodchip delivery throughout  Preston, Chorley, Manchester, Liverpool and the North West.

What Are Wood Chips?

Wood chips are small pieces of wood that are cut or chipped from larger chunks of woodland material, such as trees, roots, stumps, branches, bark, and other wood waste. They are commonly used as a biomass fuel and are a popular choice for various heating applications.

The process of obtaining wood chips involves using a wood chipper, which can have different settings to produce chips of varying sizes and textures. Some wood chippers even have automated handling systems, making the production of wood chips more efficient and consistent.

Wood chips are a versatile biomass fuel option, and they find application in various industries and heating systems. They are particularly suitable for use in biomass boilers, where they can be fed automatically into the boiler through an attached hopper, providing a steady supply of heat to the premises.

In addition to wood chips, there are other lumber alternatives that can be used as biomass fuel. Wood pellets, for instance, are compressed wood particles and are available in bags for easy handling and storage. Residual bark and logs are also viable options, depending on the specific heating system and preferences.

Overall, wood chips offer an environmentally friendly and renewable source of energy, contributing to sustainable and efficient heating solutions. With the increasing focus on reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to renewable energy sources, wood chips play a significant role in promoting a greener future.

The Top Ways To Use Wood Chips

Wood Chips For Garden Use

Wood chips offer a multitude of benefits for garden use, with one of the most popular applications being as a natural mulch around plants. However, it is essential to exercise caution when choosing the location, method, and plants for which wood chips are used.

One critical aspect to consider is the nitrogen content in the soil. As wood chips break down, microorganisms involved in the decomposition process absorb nitrogen from the surrounding soil.

This nitrogen is stored within the microorganisms' bodies and later released when they die. To avoid depleting the soil's nitrogen, it is crucial to select the appropriate type of wood chips for each project.

Beyond their use as mulch, wood chips have numerous applications in various garden areas. They can be effectively employed to create pathways throughout the garden, providing an attractive and natural-looking walkway.

Larger wood chips are ideal for pathways as they tend to last longer and break down at a slower rate, ensuring a durable and low-maintenance walkway. Even smaller chips can be used for pathways, knowing that they will eventually decompose, which can be advantageous for areas like vegetable beds.

The beauty of using wood chips for pathways lies in their potential for soil enrichment. As the chips break down over time, they contribute to soil health by releasing nutrients into the beds.

The decomposed wood chips can then be scooped onto the beds, serving as a nourishing mulch for the plants. This cyclical process allows for a continuous improvement of the soil and a sustainable gardening practice.

Wood chips also play a vital role in weed suppression and moisture retention along pathways and garden beds. By creating a natural barrier, they help prevent weed growth and reduce the need for chemical herbicides. Furthermore, wood chips serve as an effective water reservoir, keeping the soil adequately moist during dry periods and reducing the frequency of watering.

Wood chips are a versatile and eco-friendly addition to any garden. With their benefits ranging from mulching to soil enrichment, weed suppression, and moisture retention, they contribute to the overall health and sustainability of the garden.

Wood Chips For Biomass Boilers

Wood chips are a widely used and renewable biomass fuel for biomass boilers, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. These small pieces of wood are derived from various sources such as tree branches, wood waste, and other forestry by-products.

Biomass boilers efficiently burn wood chips to convert their stored energy into heat. The combustion process involves feeding the wood chips into the boiler's chamber, where they ignite to produce hot water. This hot water is then circulated to provide heating and hot water for residential and commercial properties.

The abundance and renewability of wood chips make them a cost-effective option for biomass boilers compared to fossil fuels. Their low moisture content enhances combustion efficiency and heat output, resulting in a greener and cleaner energy solution.

Proper storage and handling are essential to ensure the quality of wood chips for biomass boilers. Dry and well-ventilated storage areas prevent moisture absorption, maintaining the wood chips' effectiveness as a fuel source.

By utilising wood chips as biomass fuel, we can reduce carbon emissions and support sustainable forestry practices. Overall, wood chips play a vital role in advancing towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy future.

Wood Chips For Chicken Run

If you're considering keeping chickens in your garden, wood chips can be a great option for the flooring of their chicken run. Many chicken keepers use wood chips as a base for their chicken run as they offer various benefits.

Wood chips provide a comfortable and clean surface for the chickens to walk on. They can help keep the chickens' feet dry and warm, especially during the colder months. The natural material also absorbs moisture, which can help reduce unpleasant odours and maintain a healthier environment for the chickens.

Using wood chips in the chicken run is a practical and low-maintenance solution. They can be easily replaced or replenished when needed, and the natural materials can gradually break down, adding to the soil's organic content.

When choosing wood chips for a chicken run, it's essential to ensure they are sourced from non-toxic and safe materials. Avoid using chemically-treated wood or wood chips with harmful additives.

Wood chips are a cost-effective and natural option for creating a comfortable and safe space for your chickens to roam and scratch. Whether you have a small flock in a backyard coop or a larger poultry operation, wood chips can contribute to the well-being of your feathered friends.

Chicken Run - The Top Ways To Use Wood Chips

Wood Chips For Chicken Run

Playgrounds - The Top Ways To Use Wood Chips

Wood Chips For Playgrounds

Wood Chips For Playgrounds

Wood chips are a popular and eco-friendly choice for playground surfaces due to their numerous benefits. They are made from softwood and are designed specifically for use in play areas. These wood chips are not only attractive but also highly durable, making them ideal for high-traffic outdoor playgrounds.

One of the key advantages of using wood chips in playgrounds is their excellent impact-absorbing properties. When children play and run around, falls are inevitable. The soft and cushioned nature of wood chips helps reduce the risk of injuries, providing a safer environment for kids to play freely.

Wood chips also help with drainage, preventing water from pooling on the playground surface. This is especially important during rainy weather, as it keeps the play area dry and usable even after heavy rainfall.

In addition to their practical benefits, wood chips add a natural and rustic look to playgrounds. The creamy colour and uniform particles create an aesthetically pleasing setting that blends well with outdoor surroundings. They are particularly suitable for trim trails, adventure paths, and other play structures where a more natural appearance is desired.

Another advantage of wood chips is their cost-effectiveness. Compared to other playground surfacing materials, such as rubber or artificial turf, wood chips are a more budget-friendly option. They offer a good balance of performance and affordability, making them a popular choice for public and private playgrounds alike.

When using wood chips in playgrounds, it's essential to ensure that the chips are of high quality and free from contaminants. Regular maintenance is also necessary to keep the play area clean, safe, and visually appealing.

Overall, wood chips provide an excellent solution for playground surfacing, offering a combination of safety, durability, drainage, and aesthetics. Their natural appearance and impact-absorbing properties make them a top choice for creating enjoyable and secure play spaces for children to explore, learn, and have fun.

Whether you need wood chips for landscaping, gardening, playgrounds, or biomass fuel, our diverse product offerings cater to all your needs. We are your new trusted destination for top-notch wood chip services in the North West.